What To Expect From A Seal Coat


Asphalt may look and feel as hard as a rock, but the truth is that asphalt is at its best when it has the ability to flex. When its hot during the day, asphalt expands and then contracts as temperatures fall at night. As long as the tar in the asphalt remains supple, your driveway will be able to handle this movement, but as the sun's UV rays bake out the volatiles in the tar, it gets brittle and cracks can start to form.

22 December 2015

Asphalt Paving Odd Jobs: Strange Requests Your Paving Contractors Are Willing To Fill


Asphalt has lots of different uses, some of which you might not be aware of. The oddest paving jobs are not always the largest, but paving contractors are willing to fulfill a customer's request for these odd jobs anyway. Here are three examples of strange places to put asphalt and why you might consider them in the future. Cover for Flat Roofing Because it is extremely difficult to get equipment up to a flat roof that may be several stories high, it is an odd place to put asphalt.

11 September 2015