Tips To Prevent Stains In Your Parking Lot


One challenge for any business owner is keeping the parking lot as free of stains as possible. Food, gum, and oil stains aren't just unattractive, they leave a bad first impression. They can get tracked into your business, making it more difficult to keep indoors clean. The result is an overall grubbiness you want to avoid. The following tips can help you do just that. Tip #1: Provide plenty of trash receptacles

23 January 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Retaining Wall Service To Build Your Retaining Wall


Whether you want a retaining wall built to help protect your yard from erosion, or you simply want it to create a completed look for your landscape design, you can have one professionally installed for you by a retaining wall service. A retaining wall service is going to be able to take care of this project from start to finish for you, and they are going to make sure that the wall meets your standards and expectations.

28 November 2016

Preparing Your Driveway For Winter


Fall has arrived and, for many areas, that means snow can follow rather quickly. This time of year can be hard enough for you to survive. It's also hard on your driveway. Before the snow and ice arrive, you can take some steps to help your driveway weather the weather. Seal It If you cannot remember the last time you sealed your driveway, it's probably past time to do it again.

29 September 2016

2 Different Varieties Of Seal Coat And Their Applications


Seal coat is perhaps the single most effective way to extend the lifespan of an asphalt surface. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to utilize seal coat simply because they don't understand enough about it. If you are interested in learning more about protecting your asphalt, read on. This article will introduce two of the main varieties of seal coat and their potential applications. The Basic Seal Coat Ingredients Perhaps unsurprisingly, the principal ingredient in all seal coats is asphalt.

16 June 2016

4 Things You Need To Do When Filling Cracks In Your Concrete Path


If a concrete path leads to your front steps, it is only natural that you would want that path to look as good as possible; after all, the path is the first thing a guest might see as they approach your door. However, over time, the concrete might start to crack and need to be filled. Here are four helpful tips to use when you hope to smooth out your path by crack filling.

10 June 2016

Options For Repairing Outdoor Concrete


Concrete is one of the most durable materials on the market. For that reason, it's commonly used for house foundations, driveways and patios. It's rare that you'll need to solicit any major repairs for your outdoor concrete installations. That said, cracks do happen. Choose a process that best repairs your concrete and even beautifies your home's exterior. Low-Pressure Crack Injection If you catch a crack early enough, when it's still small, low-pressure crack injection is a good method for repairing your concrete.

8 June 2016

Temporary Fixes For A Damaged Driveway Until You Can Hire A Paving Contractor


A cracked or hole-filled asphalt driveway is problematic not only because it diminishes the overall look of your yard but also because it can be dangerous for your children on their bicycles and individuals such as the mail carrier who walk up the driveway. The best solution is to contact a licensed paving contractor to have the asphalt professionally repaired or, when the driveway is completely worn out, repaved. If you're on a budget, however, you might need to save up for a little while before hiring this professional.

7 June 2016

Repair Options For Damaged Asphalt Driveways


Although the asphalt concrete used in many driveways is very durable, the material can become eroded due to heavy use or lots of inclement weather. You may start to notice cracks in the surface that eventually go all the way through the asphalt. There are various ways to repair an asphalt driveway, depending on the stages of damage you have.  Patching Your Asphalt In some cases, you can get away with simply patching the asphalt.

6 June 2016

Options For Driveway Repair


If you have started to notice damage to your driveway, there are a few different fixes depending on your budget. Here are some of the driveway repair options.  Driveway Patching The simplest form of driveway repair is called patching. Your asphalt repair technician will use new material to fill in the gap in your driveway and seal the materials together. This is great for when you have just a small area of damage.

3 June 2016

Maintaining An Asphalt Parking Lot


As a small business owner, it's important to protect your investments. While many appreciate what this means for their buildings and equipment, not everybody stops to consider that a parking lot requires maintenance and protection as well. If you would like to learn more about keeping your parking lot in tip-top shape, read on. This article will teach you about how to maintain an asphalt parking lot. Yearly Maintenance Your annual maintenance efforts should be concentrated on two main objectives: removing automotive oil from the surface of the asphalt and sealing any cracks.

3 June 2016