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Asphalt Pavement Recommendations For Your Parking Lot's Appearance And Condition


Asphalt pavement makes up a big portion of your parking lot area, which improves the appearance of your business and makes the environment safe for your customers and crew. But regular maintenance and attention are essential to keep your asphalt from falling into disrepair. The following are some recommendations to keep your asphalt surface parking lot in excellent condition for years of use and an attractive appearance.

Perform Regular Cleaning

On a regular basis, it is recommended that you clean off your pavement's surface using a broom or sweeper to remove debris and other trash that can cover its surface. You can also use a pressure washer cleaner to remove fluids and stains that can penetrate the surface of your asphalt, especially when it is from vehicle fluids. Vehicle fluids are damaging to the stability of the asphalt's surface, so you should clean them from the surface regularly.

By cleaning the surface of your pavement, you will not only keep it looking nice but you will also have the opportunity to reveal any damage on the surface and inspect for problems to the pavement. During the cleaning process, you should also take some time to use an asphalt cleaning solution that will remove grease build-up with degreaser properties. This type of specific asphalt cleaner is superb in removing vehicle fluids that will harm the structure of your asphalt's emulsion binders. 

Perform Spot Repairs

If you encounter areas of the pavement that have already become softened due to vehicle fluid saturation on the spot, you will need to remove the affected materials and apply a new patch. Use a concrete cutter to cut out the area of vehicle fluid damage, which may be all the way down to the asphalt's foundation materials.

With clean-cut edges on your area of repair, you can fill it in with a new hot mix asphalt to patch and repair the area. This will also lengthen your pavement's life by removing any damage that will lead to potholes that can be dangerous to customers in your lot and also cause deterioration to extend out from the edges of the damage.

Apply Spring Maintenance

During winter, the snow and ice removal on your parking lot pavement can cause surface damage to the asphalt, especially if you have applied a sealcoat protection. So, in the spring, inspect the surface pavement for areas where the pavement is drying out and forming cracks so you can repair them with an appropriate crack filler or surface sealcoating application. A sealcoating is recommended every few years based on the climate of your area and the condition of your asphalt. So contact a commercial paving service for an evaluation of your parking lot.


11 January 2021