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Your Asphalt Parking Lot Area


Making sure your business parking lot is in good shape is a part of good business practices for many reasons. From making the exterior of your business more aesthetically pleasing to ensuring customers can walk through the parking lot without stumbling over areas of damage, a well-kept asphalt parking lot will do your business well. Here are things you want to know about the repairing of asphalt and other issues including what can cause them to become damaged in the first place - 

Asphalt is simple to have repaired

In most cases, you will find that an asphalt parking lot will be simple to fix. From cracks to potholes, the issues can generally be taken care of in a short period of time and in many cases, the parking lot can be walked on and driven on within just a few hours after it has been resurfaced or had minor repairs done. 

In fact, even new asphalt parking lots can usually be driven on as soon as 48 hours after the asphalt has been laid. If a portion of the asphalt is damaged to the point of being crumbled and needing to be removed, the affected asphalt can be broken up and taken away quickly as well, so new asphalt can be put in its place. 

A number of things can lead to asphalt damage

Asphalt is a great way to go because it is more flexible than concrete and many think it looks nicer when it is properly kept up with. However, there are still a number of things that can cause damage and some of them include: 

Prolonged water exposure

If you notice a puddle in the parking lot for a couple of days, you should go out and sweep the water out of the area so it will dry. Prolonged water exposure can cause trouble for the asphalt by causing a breakdown in the asphalt and aggregate bonds and causing a weak area. 

Harsh sun conditions

In areas with long periods of intense sun and heat, the asphalt will be at risk of a breakdown that can lead to cracks. However, you can keep the parking lot in great condition and prevent this issue by making sure you have it resurfaced when you start to notice it becoming a lighter shade of gray, instead of it's nice and sleek black appearance. 

Grease and oil

Both grease and oil are going to be a concern in any parking lot because there are always risks of cars, trucks, and other vehicles leaking grease and oil right onto the surface. While small drips may not pose a threat, if you see that there is a significant spot on the surface of the parking lot, then you want to have it cleaned because this can quickly lead to a very weak spot that can soon become a pothole.

Looking for an asphalt repair service to help out with your new parking lot? Talk to a local expert today.


18 June 2020