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Tips To Keep Your Concrete Driveway Looking Great Despite The Years And Wear


A newly-installed concrete surface is free of stains and cracks and provides you the promise of many decades of service. But when your concrete driveway has cracks and other damage before its time, this can indicate an underlying problem and require repairs. Here are some ways you can make sure your concrete driveway stands up to time, the elements, and vehicle wear and tear to look great.

Hire a Professional Installation

One of the best ways to ensure your concrete driveway keeps its integrity is to hire a professional contractor to do the work. When you make sure to have your driveway installed properly, you are not going to experience early damage and other types of preventable problems that can emerge over time. The quality of work you hire and the professional team that completes the installation will make all the difference in your concrete's long-term condition.

Look for a reputable concrete contractor by asking for referrals from those you know and prior customers in your area. For example, if you know your neighbor had their driveway replaced a year or two ago, ask them who they hired.

Repair Foundation Problems

If you have purchased a property that already has a concrete driveway installed a few too many years ago, you might not have a choice in the quality of its initial installation. But you can make the needed repairs and replacement to your property's concrete surface when you begin to notice its failing. For example, your concrete driveway can begin to show signs of surface cracking when it is only a few years old, this can be a sign of foundation damage.

A concrete driveway should be installed to withstand cracking until later in its lifetime, and early damage is a sign of problems below the surface. Hire a concrete contractor to determine the condition of your concrete, which can fail when its foundation layers are not strong enough. When sand is used as a base material instead of compacted gravel, the freeze-thaw patterns can cause the foundation to expand and contract, resulting in surface cracks.

To remedy this type of damage, your concrete contractor should remove and replace the concrete and its foundation. Base and sub-base materials should be compacted into the site to fill to the appropriate depth. Your contractor will recommend the right foundation depth based on the soil composition in your property and its ability for natural drainage.

Patch Surface Cracking

When surface cracks appear due to excessive age, you can patch them to repair your concrete. Applying a concrete patch mixture is a good way to fill them and smooth the surface. You can also look into resurfacing the entire concrete slab after the cracks have been patched. Talk to your concrete contractor about this service and also concrete stain and sealant for extra concrete care.

For more information, contact a concrete contractor in your area.


2 December 2019