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Three Signs You Need To Replace A Concrete Surface


Concrete is one of the most common types of paving materials that you can have installed to create hardscaping surfaces on your property. However, like all other types of paving materials, concrete is susceptible to damage due to weather exposure and general wear and tear over time. This can ruin the aesthetic of your hardscaping, and can also create drainage and structural issues – especially if you have concrete surfaces located near the sides of your home or another structure. Understanding some of the warning signs that your concrete needs to be replaced can help you identify when you need to get in touch with a paving contractor.

Surface Degradation

One of the most common signs that your concrete has reached the end of its lifespan is if you notice that excessive wear has taken root on the surface of your concrete. Pitting refers to multiple small holes that cover the surface of your driveway: these holes can hold onto water and quickly expand into full-on cracks when that water freezes in the winter. Pitting and other forms of shallow, surface damage to your concrete can also cause your concrete to change color, taking on a gray and faded appearance. Beyond aesthetic considerations, this change in color points to your concrete slowly becoming more brittle, and thus more likely to crack and experience structural damage.


In a continuation of the above point, cracks are another good indicator that you should consider replacing your concrete hardscaping. Cracks are caused by water that has managed to make its way inside of your concrete, where it can expand and contract as the temperature dips and rises above freezing. Cracks will quickly get worse once they appear since a crack will allow a greater amount of water to enter your hardscaping surface at a quicker rate than would otherwise be possible, which will cause cracks to grow exponentially worse.

Slanted Surface

Finally, the last indication that you should consider replacing your hardscaping is because your entire paved surface appears uneven. This can happen due to underlying changes in the foundation of your hardscaping or the surrounding soil, but can also be a symptom of poor installation. Over time, an uneven surface can cause acuter and pressing structural issues, like cracking and crumbling, as different areas of your concrete surface are exposed to pressure and rub up against each other (or pull away, in some cases). 

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16 March 2018