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Hello, my name is Rick. Welcome to my website about paving contractor services. When I purchased my commercial site, I had to immediately renovate the driveway and walkways to suit them to my needs. I contacted a paving contractor to discuss the paving options available for the job at hand. I was overwhelmed with all of the available materials and build techniques for my paving project. I finally settled on the best one for my place of business with help from my paving contractor. I will explore paving options and build techniques on my site to help other people find the perfect combination for their project. Thanks.

Three Reasons To Pave The Parking Garage Before The Building


When building a new apartment complex or condominium community one of the best amenities to put in is the parking garage. A parking garage will allow residents to keep their car safe, off of public property, and provide a secure place to enter and exit the apartment buildings. Numbered spaces for residents and parking for guests can make your complex one of the most popular in the city. If you are in the beginning phase of building the complex, you should get your paving contractors to build the parking garage first. Here are three reasons why the garage should be the first item paved and finished during your apartment building construction. 

Construction tools can sit on the top

Construction tools can be sat on the top level of the parking garage, especially materials that will be used for the upper floors and the roofs of the building. These materials sitting on the top level can be picked up by a crane and put into position, rather than needing to pick them up from the floor. This can keep the materials clean as well. Construction floors can easily kick up dirt, however, an unused parking garage will keep all materials neat. 

The materials and workers are safe from public eye

When you are building a large complex there will be onlookers who are curious about the building and may come to look around. There are also some people who may come around to ask worker questions about the building which could hinder progress being made with all hands on deck. If the items are stored inside of the parking garage and the workers are able to take breaks or have meetings inside of the parking garage, things on the construction site will be disturbed much less. 

Walkthroughs will not cause havoc in the neighborhood

Before the final bricks are put in the building, it is common for buildings to allow walkthroughs of the interior. Though there may still be some exterior work needed, you will be able to show prospective buyers and tenants the interior of the apartment units. You will also get the chance to show the leasing or sales office the different aspects of the building. The visitors will be able to park in the parking lot and will not have to go around the neighborhood looking for parking or block busy streets attempting to squeeze into a spot. 

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9 November 2017