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Tips To Prevent Stains In Your Parking Lot


One challenge for any business owner is keeping the parking lot as free of stains as possible. Food, gum, and oil stains aren't just unattractive, they leave a bad first impression. They can get tracked into your business, making it more difficult to keep indoors clean. The result is an overall grubbiness you want to avoid. The following tips can help you do just that.

Tip #1: Provide plenty of trash receptacles

You can cut down on stain-causing garbage in the lot by making it easy to toss the trash. Make sure there is at least one trash can near the interest, plus a few scattered around the perimeter of the lot or placed on any islands in the lot. You must also manage the cans so they are never full.

Tip #2: Clean daily

People are more likely to dump out their coffee or toss their trash in a lot that is already dirty. Although you can't do a full cleaning every day, you can keep the worst of the debris swept up. Make it part of your employees' shift tasks to sweep the lot at regular intervals during the day. Also, invest in the right tools, including a floor scraper to get up any gum.

Tip #3: Keep an oil kit on hand

It's a simple fact that occasionally a customer will park in your lot that has an oil leak or an overheating radiator. Be prepared by keeping a clean-up kit in your maintenance closet. As soon as you notice the stain, spread the absorbent material from the kit over it and leave it for the prescribed time on the label. Then, sweep it up. By acting quickly you can minimize staining.

Tip #4: Schedule regular deep cleaning

How often you have the lot cleaned depends on how quickly it becomes grubby. For some business owners, you may only need to clean in spring to remove the winter mess and again in fall after the summer rush. Other businesses may require quarterly or monthly cleaning. A professional lot cleaner will use water and steam to blast and lift stains from the paving so it looks almost new again.

Tip #5: Don't skip sealcoating

Sealcoating is the best way to revitalize your lot. Plan to have it done every one to two years, or when the asphalt surface looks dull and becomes absorbent. Sealcoating lays down an asphalt sealer over the top of the paving, which looks and acts like a thin layer of new asphalt. It can cover many existing stains while preventing the asphalt from absorbing new stains. You will need to have your lot lines repainted after the process.

With a little planning, you can keep your lot looking its best with minimal effort.

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23 January 2017