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Options For Repairing Outdoor Concrete


Concrete is one of the most durable materials on the market. For that reason, it's commonly used for house foundations, driveways and patios. It's rare that you'll need to solicit any major repairs for your outdoor concrete installations. That said, cracks do happen. Choose a process that best repairs your concrete and even beautifies your home's exterior.

Low-Pressure Crack Injection

If you catch a crack early enough, when it's still small, low-pressure crack injection is a good method for repairing your concrete. This is especially true for foundation cracks because, as the Concrete Network points out, the alternative is a costly excavation to replace the concrete slab. With low-pressure crack injection, contractors gradually introduce liquid polymer into the crack. It's essential to use a low-pressure, slow method to ensure the crack is completely filled.

Slabjacking and Piering

If you have cracked walls, bulging floors or doors that can't close, your foundation problem may be more significant. In that case, crack injection isn't sufficient. You'll need the contractors to actually elevate the foundation with either slabjacking or piering. With slabjacking, the contractors pump grout beneath the concrete slab to elevate it to its original location. This is appropriate for smaller problems. For larger slabs, piering is the preferred repair method. With this process, contractors drive steel posts through the soil and use hydraulic jacks to elevate the concrete slab.

Decorative Overlay

Perhaps your driveway or patio is showing signs of wear and tear. The cracks are small, or maybe the surface has bleached out. Decorative overlays can cover up these imperfections and even provide an upgrade on the original. With this process, contractors use a concrete and polymer mix to cover up the concrete slab. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes. One of the more popular options is to have the concrete overlay made to resemble another material, such as brick or stone. However, it's also possible to choose brightly colored overlays or even ones with metallic pigmentation. This process isn't suitable for concrete slabs with major structural damage, such as heaving or severe cracking.


Another option for minor problems in decorative concrete surfaces is having them engraved and stained. With this process, contractors first stain the concrete to improve the look of the slab. Next, they use a routing machine to engrave a pattern into the slab, such as "grouting" lines for stone or brick. Skilled contractors will actually incorporate the cracks into the patterning to provide a more natural finish.

If your patio or driveway has significant damage, it's probably best to completely replace it. Otherwise, choose the repair service that best serves your concrete's structure. Contact a business, such as Gann Asphalt & Concrete, for more information. 


8 June 2016