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Temporary Fixes For A Damaged Driveway Until You Can Hire A Paving Contractor


A cracked or hole-filled asphalt driveway is problematic not only because it diminishes the overall look of your yard but also because it can be dangerous for your children on their bicycles and individuals such as the mail carrier who walk up the driveway. The best solution is to contact a licensed paving contractor to have the asphalt professionally repaired or, when the driveway is completely worn out, repaved. If you're on a budget, however, you might need to save up for a little while before hiring this professional. In the meantime, here are some temporary solutions that you can use to deal with the cracks and holes yourself.

Patch Kit

You can buy an asphalt patching kit at your local home and yard supply store to deal with the cracks and holes in your driveway. Although this isn't a permanent solution, it will temporarily get rid of the pitfalls in your driveway to improve its safety until you have have a professional crew deal with the issue in a more permanent manner. There are many types of patch kits available on the market, but the process often consists of combining an asphalt-like mix with water, pressing it into the cracks and holes and tamping it flat with a piece of wood or a hand tamper from your local rental center.

Attentive Plant Removal

Another way to temporarily address the holes and cracks in your asphalt driveway is to deal with any weeds and grass growing in these areas as quickly as they appear. If left ignored, the growth of plant matter can worsen the condition of the driveway, turning a small crack into a major one before long. Pull these plants and make sure to get their roots; doing so will keep small cracks that aren't overly noticeable from expanding to the point that you need to find a bigger solution. Don't take the approach of burning them with a weed-burning torch, as the direct extreme heat on the asphalt can weaken it and promote further damage.

Crack Sealer

In the case of cracks that are narrow, you don't have to take the approach of using a patch kit. Instead, you can use a crack-filling product that can either be poured directly from a bottle along the length of each crack or squeezed from a caulking gun. This product will harden in a short amount of time, taking on a rubber-like texture, and help to seal the cracks to prevent water and debris from getting inside them and eventually making them larger.

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7 June 2016