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Repair Options For Damaged Asphalt Driveways


Although the asphalt concrete used in many driveways is very durable, the material can become eroded due to heavy use or lots of inclement weather. You may start to notice cracks in the surface that eventually go all the way through the asphalt. There are various ways to repair an asphalt driveway, depending on the stages of damage you have. 

Patching Your Asphalt

In some cases, you can get away with simply patching the asphalt. This is a great idea if there is damage in just one location; for instance, if something heavy fell on the concrete and damaged it, or if there was a flaw in the concrete's original seal and one area eroded more quickly than the others. There's no need for a full asphalt replacement here; you can simply have your asphalt repair company provide enough new asphalt to coat and seal the cracks. If you are able to use this fix, it can save you the trouble of renting an entire concrete pouring truck for the small area. 

Resurfacing the Asphalt Driveway

You can also consider simply resurfacing the driveway. This is the best option when you have many cracks that are only an inch deep or less. An asphalt repair technician can strip away the top, damaged layer of the driveway, replace it with new asphalt, and then seal the entire driveway so that new cracks don't begin to appear. This is the moderate option of the three; while not as cheap as patching, it's certainly less expensive than a full replacement. 

Replacing the Entire Driveway

The first two options are great if you are able to catch the damage before it's too severe. Any asphalt technician should be able to assess your driveway's condition and tell you if these fixes will work in the long haul. If the driveway is too damaged, though, you may be recommended to do a full asphalt driveway replacement. 

There are a few guidelines that can give you an idea right away if you'll need to replace the driveway. Wide or deep cracks, for instance, can point to foundational issues with the driveway, and any smaller repairs may not hold up. If you need the driveway to be patched in multiple places, you may also want to opt for a full replacement because it may be cheaper in the long run. When in doubt, a consultation from Pavement Maintenance Solutions Inc or another asphalt repair center can tell you what your best options are. 


6 June 2016