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Two Driveway Repair Tips For New Homeowners


When your driveway suffers damage, it can be a major eyesore for your property. Unfortunately, this is a fairly routine form of damage that most homeowners will need to address at some point or another. For those that are new to owning a home with a paved driveway, the following couple of tips can help to ensure new homeowners are as prepared as possible to address driveway damages.

Repair Cracks And Potholes As Soon As Possible

Driveway damage can often start out as relatively minor potholes and cracks. However, these issues can quickly grow in size, which can greatly complicate the repair process. When this happens, it may be necessary to repour whole sections or the even the entire driveway, and this can drastically increase the repair costs.

To avoid allowing cracks and potholes time to spread, you should make sure to perform regular visual inspections. When cracking or potholes are found, you should make sure to use an asphalt patch kit to help close the gaps. By closing the gaps, you can help to prevent water from seeping into the asphalt and causing the damage to spread.

These kits contain a small amount of asphalt that can be mixed together and applied over the cracks or in the pothole. To ensure that the patch bonds to the rest of your pavement, you should thoroughly clean the damaged portion of the asphalt by rubbing it with a damp cloth. Dirt can stop the asphalt patch from bonding correctly to the rest of the driveway. By wiping down the damage with a damp cloth, you can easily remove contaminants that would interfere with your efforts at patching.

Seal The Patched Asphalt

To stop the damage from returning, you will need to apply a sealant to the patched asphalt. These sealants will form a waterproof barrier that can decrease the risks of moisture compromising the asphalt. Before you apply a sealant to the patched area of the driveway, you will want to give it several days to cure. During the curing process, excess moisture deep inside the fresh asphalt will gradually evaporate, and if you apply the sealant before this has happened, it can prevent the patch from curing.

Luckily, asphalt patches do not require very long to cure, and you should be able to safely apply a sealant after only a few days. Once the coat of sealant has been applied, you will want to allow it to thoroughly dry before you drive over it to prevent your tires from wiping away this protective coating. This may mean parking on the grass for a day, but this can be a minor annoyance for ensuring that your asphalt repair is as effective as possible.

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20 May 2016